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A family owned and operated pallet company in Edinburg Texas.

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We love our network of suppliers, and make sure to offer you only the best to work with here at The Pallet Plug. Check out our newest addition below if you’re located in Texas and have a need for a steady and trustworthy company to work with.

Who are they?

Back in 2015 Carlos had to make a decision - continue working for himself selling pallets or work for someone else and follow a career path. He decided to stick with pallets and build a business just like his father did. From that, Ecco Pallets was born. Carlos started out selling pallets to his father's business throughout college but afterwards he went full speed ahead into his own pallet business.

What do they do?

Ecco Pallets is a full-service pallet company out of Edinburg, Texas. They offer pallet haul off services, consistent removal, and even drop trailers for those companies that don’t have room for pallets. They recently just started producing new pallets with the ability to heat treat them in their kiln. They sell recycled pallets as well - both A grade and B grade. Lastly, they are able to produce custom sized pallets as well.

Give them a call!

If you are in need of a consistent and reliable pallet company in south Texas, reach out to Ecco Pallets. They are able to assist companies locally but have worked with customers across the south from Louisiana all the way to New Mexico! You can find their information here on the pallet plug affiliate page or check out their website at Ecco Pallets.

Want to join our Pallet Plug network of suppliers? Click here to sign up for the subscription and get added to the site so that we can help you bring in more business!

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