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Discover Kryder Wood Products: Your Source for High-Quality Wood Pallets in Rockford Illinois.

We love our network of suppliers and make sure to offer you only the best to work with here at The Pallet Plug. Check out our newest addition below if you're located near Rockford Illinois!

Who are they?

When it comes to transporting goods, having reliable and high-quality wood pallets and shipping containers is essential. And if you're located in Rockford, Illinois, you're in luck – Kryder Wood Products is your go-to source for all your pallet and container needs! Jon's story is one of unexpected turns and entrepreneurial spirit. It all started one summer when his father-in-law asked him to come work for his pallet business. At the time, Jon was studying law enforcement, but as soon as he started working with the pallets, he knew that he had found his true calling. He loved the physical work, the smell of the wood, and the satisfaction of seeing something he had built being put to good use.

After a few years in law enforcement, Jon realized that he couldn't stay away from the yard. Unfortunately father-in-law's business had been sold when Jon wanted to get back into pallets. Undeterred, Jon decided to start his own pallet company. He knew that he had the skills, the drive, and the passion to succeed.

In 2009, Kryder Wood Products was born. With a commitment to quality and a dedication to customer service, Jon built his business from the ground up. He invested in the best equipment, hired a team of skilled workers, and established relationships with suppliers and customers alike. Today, Kryder Wood Products is a trusted name in the pallet industry, known for its high-quality products and reliable service.

What do they do?

Their commitment to quality is evident in the range of products and services they offer. From new and A grade wood pallets to custom-built pallets that adhere to ISPM-15 standards for heat treatment, Kryder Wood Products has you covered.

Their fleet of trailers allows them to provide reliable and efficient pallet removal services, or if your situation is less predictable, they can provide a drop trailer. And if you need a wooden shipping container, Kryder Wood Products can build one in any size or shape to ensure the safe arrival of your products. But that's not all – Kryder Wood Products also offers pallet wood that can be used for decorative purposes. Adding a unique pallet wall to your home or business has never been easier!

Give them a call!

Whether you're a local business in Rockford or located anywhere else in the Midwest United States, Kryder Wood Products is here to meet all your wood pallet and shipping container needs. Their website at has all the information you need to get started.

If you're looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach potential customers, consider becoming an affiliate of The Pallet Plug. By joining our network of suppliers, you can connect with businesses and customers in your area who are in need of reliable pallet and container services.

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