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From the Ground Up: How a Chicago Pallet Company Built their Business

We love our network of suppliers and make sure to offer you only the best to work with here at The Pallet Plug. Check out our newest addition below if you're located near Chicago Illinois!

Who Are They? Dario's Pallets

In 1990 Alex Aguilar was working in a warehouse around pallets all day long, but never really thought much of them. One day his boss approached him and requested he find a way to dispose of all the pallets they had piling up. With an opportunity to make some extra cash Alex volunteered for the job. At first he was just bringing them to a local pallet yard, but after a couple visits and a tour of their facility Alex thought “could I do this?” At 15 years old Alex, his father, and their business partner went all in on this idea. Building relationships and searching for pallets across Chicago. In just three months time they were able to save up enough money to take their business to the next level and that is when Dario's Pallets was formed.

What Do They Do?

Over the years they have grown their operations and have the ability to supply a variety of different pallets. With two kilns they are able to supply heat treated pallets in any grade or size. They sell New, A and B grade, along with custom built pallets. With Alex’s father and business partner having their CDLs they have always been able to pick up or deliver tractor trailer loads of pallets. They also have the ability to provide a drop trailer. You load it up, give them a call, they come and swap it for an empty one! If you need pallets removed consistently or randomly they are the guys that can help.

Give Them a Call!

If you are in need of a reputable pallet company in Chicago Illinois, reach out to Dario's Pallets! They are able to assist companies locally but have worked with customers across the Midwest United States! You can find their information here on the Pallet Plug affiliate page or check out their LinkedIn's-pallets/about/

If you're looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach potential customers, consider becoming an affiliate of The Pallet Plug. By joining our network of suppliers, you can connect with businesses and customers in your area who are in need of reliable pallet and container services.

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