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Maximizing Efficiency: The Power of Pallet Mino in Pallet Solutions

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We love our network of suppliers and make sure to offer you only the best to work with here at The Pallet Plug. Check out our newest addition below if you're located in the Red River Valley between Grand Forks and Fargo, North Dakota!

Meet Curtis Haynes, Owner of Pallet Mino

A farrier, farmer, rancher, mechanic, employee, and – now – an entrepreneur, Curtis Haynes got started in the pallet business in the dead of winter 2021. Curtis already had a hay business when he saw a video on YouTube featuring a man breaking down pallets. “I already had all of the necessary equipment, so I went with my pickup to find pallets and did alright that first year,” Curtis said. The pallet business went hand in hand with the hay business; Curtis was already hauling hay with custom pallets and now he cuts costs by reselling those that he’s not using. Pallet Mino boasts efficiency as they can haul such large quantities in tight stacks, with the ability to unload or load pallets at any time because of the piggyback and semi trucks the business already has on hand. Curtis hopes to continue expanding the business, cultivating more partnerships along the way.

Services Provided by Pallet Mino

Pallet Mino is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and top-notch services. They prioritize the quality of our offerings by empowering our skilled workforce with the necessary tools, education, training, and support. Their primary goal is to enhance YOUR experience, ensuring it surpasses your expectations. Equine Steps specializes in selling a wide range of pallets, including New, A and B grade options, as well as customizable pallets tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, if you require assistance in removing broken pallets, rest assured they’ve got you covered. Their selection also includes heat treated pallets for added convenience and safety. For those in need of consistent pallet removal, Equine Steps provides recurring pickup services.

How Can I Benefit From Pallet Services?

From North Dakota to all over the US, pallet are widely used for packaging and shipping goods as they provide a stable base for stacking and securing products, making it easier to move them with forklifts or pallet jacks. Pallets facilitate efficient loading and unloading of goods during transportation. However, they can be used across a variety of applications. Whether you’re a business owner or a hobbyist, pallets can be used from warehousing and storage to retail displays, construction building, and more! Pallets can even be used for gardening and agricultural applications.

Give Pallet Mino a Call!

If you are in need of a reputable pallet company in the Red River Valley, reach out to Pallet Mino. You can find their information on the Pallet Plug affiliate page or check out their website here: Pallet Mino.

If you're looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach potential customers, consider becoming an affiliate of The Pallet Plug. By joining our network of suppliers, you can connect with businesses and customers in your area who are in need of reliable pallet and container services.

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