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Welcome to The Pallet Plug, the First Website for Pallet Professionals to Connect

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

We did it, the premiere pallet company database on the internet is here.


Over the past two years the pallet industry has exploded with new businesses looking to help companies resolve their pallet issues. The rise in online shopping has increased the need for shipping and therefore the amount of pallets in circulation. Whether you are in a coastal city like Los Angeles or New York, or you are in the middle of the US, it takes time to find a local pallet company online and even if you do they may not have a phone number or working website.

The pallet plug is an online database with affiliate members across the US. It is here to help pallet selling companies gain visibility online and make it easier for pallet buyers to find pallets. The goal is to make it easier for everyone! No matter the business size or the size of the order, The Pallet Plug can help you connect with a dependable professional.

Who am I, and why do I want to help?

My name is Kyle, and I started this business because I saw a need in the pallet industry to help new or established pallets companies gain more customers and an online visibility when I was buying and selling pallets myself, but I struggled find dependable businesses to work with. We may not like to admit it sometimes, but having an online presence can really be beneficial for business. Most of us want to be out there doing the job, and it's hard to balance the tech side. That's why I realized that I can contribute to the community by making the step to get online easy and seamless for pallet professionals. Your options are not limited to the big yards that charge higher prices and only fill large orders when you can more easily find companies of all sizes close to you.

How does it work?

Use the map section on the Home Page or on the Affiliate Map to search or browse all of the businesses nearby based off your zip code. You can also use the Affiliate List page to browse all of them including a list of their services. Each one of our affiliate profiles includes their contact information so you can reach out to them directly. All interactions are between you and the businesses, we do not take a cut of your money. Start your search and find your local pallet supplier today!

Join as an affiliate to get added to the map and list, making it easier for people to find you. We invest in SEO and location targeting to make sure that searches find us, and you more efficiently. We also have an in house web designer who can create a landing page or website for your business at a discounted rate. We love when affiliates contribute to our community with guest blog posts and features as well!

Not ready to be an affiliate yet? Join as a free member to get access to the exclusive online community forum, get email updates about new businesses added to our affiliate list, and network with other pallet professionals. The goal is for us all to grow and learn together, and I want to make that as accessible as possible. I hope you'll click below to discover more about what The Pallet Plug is all about!


Will you join us?

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