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Calumet Pallet: Your Source For High-Quality Pallets In Michigan City, IN

Updated: Mar 21

We love our network of suppliers and make sure to offer you only the best to work with here at The Pallet Plug. Check out our newest addition below if you're located near Michigan City, Indiana!

Who Are They?

Calumet Pallet was formed in 1981, Jeff Bridegroom's father, a humble man working in a grocery store as a meat cutter, took notice of the pallets that the grocery store would collect. Through conversation with one of the truck drivers, Jeff's father learned about pallets and the value behind them. He started to pick up the pallets at the grocery store using his pickup truck, and used the one day a week he had off to find, repair, and sell pallets. When the grocery store went out of business, Calumet Pallet was formed. Jeff was 18 when they started, and he was a direct contributor to the success of the business. While his father was working at the grocery store, Jeff was out finding pallets and potential customers. To this day, the operation remains a family business that focuses on customers and quality. Jeff, as the face of the company, still visits each of his customers to show how much he appreciates their business.

What Do They Do?

Out of their 125,000 sq ft facility in Michigan City, Indiana, they can accommodate jobs of any size and volume. They offer new pallets, A and B grade, customs, and heat-treated pallets. If you need pallets removed, broken or not, they are able to assist. They offer drop trailers as well if you need to remove them at your leisure. An interesting option they offer to customers who need custom pallets or inventory management is they will station a pallet professional at your facility to build pallets on demand and keep track of your inventory. Also, with their own in-house sawmill, they can manufacture any size and species of lumber for industrial purposes. They can also design a program to meet your lumber component needs for your manufacturing operation, including plywood, CSX, or OSB, with their CNC machine that makes exact dimensions for your needs. This sets them apart from other pallet companies and shows their direct involvement in the success of their clients. They even sell mulch!

Give Them a Call!

If you are in need of a reputable and reliable pallet company in Michigan City, Indiana, reach out to Calumet Pallets! They are able to assist companies locally but have worked with customers across the northwestern United States! You can find their information here on the Pallet Plug affiliate page or check out their website at

Want to join our network and reach potential customers in more efficient and effective way? Become an affiliate of The Pallet Plug below!

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