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Terms and Conditions

By using this website you agree to the following terms and conditions:

In order to become a part of The Pallet Plug community you must agree to these terms and conditions below. We want to ensure all users have the best experience and all the information on the site is correct.


Who can use The Pallet 

  • You must be at least 18 years old

  • You must have a registered LLC 

  • You are not a broker, the company you are registering is a legitimate pallet recycling, manufacturing, or disposal company


The Pallet Plug does not promise any results from using the site. The goal is to assist companies in gaining an online presence and to build a resource for companies to find local pallet companies. By using the site you agree to understanding this and that no results are promised. 


You agree your intention of using this site is to gain an online profile with a pallet database and get your company listed in our rolodex. You agree to use the forms for knowledge and information about the pallet industry.


If you sign up to become an affiliate, you agree to pay $19.99 a month to maintain your membership. There is a minimum membership requirement of 3 months, so that you have ample time for data comparison of lead generation. If you wish to cancel you must contact us directly through email and notify us that you wish to cancel otherwise you will continue to be charged. Expect at least 10 business days for The Pallet Plug to cancel your membership and respond with a confirmation notice. If you are charged after you submitted a request to cancel The Pallet Plug will refund the charge.


The Pallet Plug owns all materials on the site and the concept of the site itself. The Pallet Plug owns all marketing material and designs. You agree to not use or copy any of the things the site contains or things that are associated with The Pallet Plug.


New Jersey Law governs this contract. If any of terms and agreements are broken all legal disputes will be settled in the courts of New Jersey.


You agree that all business interactions that come about from being on the site are between you and the company, not The Pallet Plug. The Pallet Plug only acts as a place for companies to locate your business and your contact information to reach you directly. The Pallet Plug owns no liability for unfavorable business transactions or decisions. 


You agree all the claims you are making about the products and services you are offering are true. If it is found out that the information and claims you are making are not true your account will be removed from the site and your membership will be canceled. No refund will be provided.

This agreement is subject to change at any notice, and email updates will be sent to the address on file if changes are to be made.

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